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General Instruction for Laying Concrete Block

  • Keep the blocks in dry, high and plain ground. Keep the block away from rain and water.
  • Don’t place the block on ground. The ground should be covered by polythene before placing the blocks.
  • The ratio of cement and sand in mortar should be 1:5.
  • Use dry block for wall setting. Don’t use wet blocks.
  • Ask the workmen to hold gauge over the hollow part of the block so that when he put the mortar on the edge of block it won’t fell in the hollow.
  • Keep 1’’-1.5’’ open space under the beam or upper slab (roof) and cast c.c. before plaster work.
  • Keep 1’’-1.5’’ open space at one side of the wall to create control joint and cast c.c. after 4 or 5 days of wall setting.
  • Construct 4 layer of wall for 3.5’’ block, 5 layer of wall for 4’’ block, 6 layer of wall for 6’’ block in one day.
  • No grouting is needed over previous setting.
  • Use #3 bar for the hollow space of door or window from floor level to lintel level and cast the hollow space of the block with grout (1:2:2).
  • Use one #3 bar under window seal and cast the hollow space of the block with grout (1:2:2).
  • Use #3 bar and grout (1:2:2) to cast between the place of 10 feet long wall from floor level to lintel level.
  • Cast the concrete (1:2:2) as per lintel design.
  • Keep the constructed wall covered with polythene in the rainy season.
  • After setting the block, curing should be done 3 times daily with water.
  • Let the wall dry off completely before plaster work.
  • Plaster 6mm at the inside of external wall and both side of the other partition wall. The mixing ratio should be 1:5 for plaster.
  • Plaster 9mm at the outside of external wall. The mixing ratio should be 1:5.
  • After one day of plaster work, curing must be done for 7 days with sufficient amount of water.
  • Extra curing is not required during rainy season.
  • Place electric and water pipe before setting block of lintel level.
  • The block setting and curing must be done as per above instruction.