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Concrete Products provide superior thermal energy to the structure.
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EHS Policy

Group Policy

Maintaining a strict Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) policy within Mir Group is a part of our corporate focus. We believe that for sustainable development it is absolutely essential. Our EHS Policy is developed to ensure that we meet the expectations of our customers, employees, the community in which we live, and other stakeholders.

Health and Safety

The health and safety of our employees is extremely important to us. Therefore, we continually improve our work environment by taking preventive measures and ensuring that the working conditions are in accordance with high occupational workplace standards.

We provide our employees with the necessary training, information, and personal protective equipment to carry out their work in the safest manner possible. To ensure this we conduct regular safety audits by trained EHS professionals.

Concrete products contain cement and other chemicals, which may cause skin damage. To avoid harm to skin and minimize contact with wet concrete products we provide suitable protective clothing. Where contact occurs (whether directly or through saturated clothing) washing thoroughly with water is advised. In case of irritation or burns we consult a doctor immediately.



With global presence and activities, Mir Group acknowledges its environmental responsibilities. We continually assess and improve the environmental impacts of all our activities and through physical actions we set good examples of how to demonstrate respect and care for the environment. We continually identify sources of noise, waste and emissions pollution within our process and premises and neutralize them.

For our primary raw material, we use Ordinary Portland Cement and Portland Composite Cement, which are mostly produced from industrial by products with zero impact on natural resources. This helps to reduce Carbon-di-oxide emissions, pollutants harmful to human health, the embodied energy of concrete and the depletion of natural resources.

Environmental Policy

Our objective is to minimize the environmental impacts and continual improvement where practicable to provide as much environmental benefits as possible. Therefore, we are committed to complete compliance with existing legislation, prevention of pollution, and continuous improvement of environmental management.

To ensure that our impact on the environment is controlled and minimized, and that our objectives and commitments are achieved we have established and continually maintain an Environmental Management System that comprises of:

  • Environmental Policy
  • Management Organization & Responsibilities
  • Environmental Legislation & Technical Reference Documents
  • Environmental Guidelines
  • Environmental Emergency Response
    1. Emergency Response Procedure
    2. Emergency Telephone Numbers
  • Harmful Substances
    1. Guidelines
    2. Material Safety Data Sheets (Add Mixture)
  • Environmental Inspection
    1. Audits
    2. Monitoring Reports
    3. Environmental Management Plan
  • Training Record Sheet
  • Plant Layout
  • Awareness Program

Through the implementation of this policy we continue to develop and employ sustainable best practices that integrate our economic and ecological goals while acting as good neighbors and corporate citizens.